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We are a signboard and signage supplier in Singapore. We are known for providing a full range of signage services, from design and branding to fabrication and install.

The main factor that cause a failed design is the lack of communication between designer and the production crew. Is pointless for the logo or signboard to look great in computer screen but not in real life.

The designer can create a great design on the computer screen. But will that great design be protrayed out or constructed in real life? We need designers that can understand real life limitations. They must be flexible with their ideas and to adapt and apply their design concept according to the environmental factors. He/She must then be able to work with the production crews and carry out the plan, bringing the design to reality.

Our Design Rationale

We not only design for the purpose of pleasing to the eyes but the overall presentation of the logos and signs.

When designing signage, we take into account the logo style, company brand and the physical environment.

Being fully involved in every steps, enable us to provide our clients with a better proposal. No doubt, we can’t meet all requirements all the times. But the trade off must be rational.

Our products include sticker decals, full wall stickers, window advertisement, directory/office signs, etc.,

Things To Note Before Getting Your Signage

I. The types of signboard II,Ways to present a logo III. Where to place your signs,… etc

Pondering over these questions? Worry Not, leave them to us. We are here to help business owners build up their shopfronts. Design, fabricate and install, a one stop service for any type of signs, from traditional Glass Neon to the Modern LED.

Be it your new business premise or new home, a minor renovation or a major makeover, we welcome your enquiry.

Our clients include shop owners, house owners, events planners, contractors, graphic and interior designers.

Signage In Business Definition

“Signage are like the outer coat of a business or an organisation. Like dressing up, not only we need to dress up well, we need to dress appropriate.

Therefore, they are essential in branding and marketing.”

Beside being the first impression, Signboard represent the organisation as a whole, it is the essence of the organisation. The first step of building credibility is by having a good signboard.

A good signboard is equivalent to having a good branding. With the rest of the signages, advert and graphic, we create a great user experience while achieving publicity. This is the fundamental of marketing.

3 Types of Memories

The 3 types of memory are Iconic, Short-term and Long-term Memory.

With constant and enough publicity, we can turn logo into iconic memory for many. This is how we shall stand out among so many logos.

In today, fast moving society, we only have a few seconds to capture passerby attention. With a right advert, we can build short-term memory for walking crowd. If a handful of them make purchases or even pause infront of the shop, it will be a great return.

Through association and rehearsal, short-term memory can be developed into long-term memory.

As crowd walk pass the same outstanding signs each day, they will developed these long-term memory. When this happen (Congrats), your brand have successfully gains a strong foothold in the market.

Your shopfront matters!!!

Get your uniquely signboard, an eye-catching advert, express your brand out.

Further reading on signage planning. This will help your signage procurement easier.