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3D Signs

Corporate feature wall could be easily constructed using 3D Signs. These letters and logo protrude out of the wall, making them very prominent.

I. 3D Acrylic Signs

3D Acrylic Signs are often associate with fun, flexible and lovely. This is the reason why we strongly recommend them for childcare, preschool, etc.,

Laser Cut Letters
3D Clear Letters

One great advantage of Acrylic compare to other materials is that it can be clear. The clearness, crystal-like effect of acrylic reflect light. This create a very elegance feel.

Yes, Glass can present the crystal clear effect much more better than Acrylic. But Acrylic don’t shatter like Glass, so it is a much safer option.

Furthermore, Acrylic is so much lighter and easier to work with than Glass. We definitely love Acrylic.

Besides clear, we can also have different colours.

3D Signs On Wall
3D Signs @ Kalidasa Avenue
Close Up Of 3D Signs
Close Up Of 3D Signs

The benefit of spray paint, is that we can match the company’s corporate colours.

Secondly, the spray paint provide a much smoother feels then a “very” plastic feels. Look at the pictures above. Isn’t it beautiful with spray paint? We bet you love it too.

II. 3D Metal Signs

3D Metal Signs
3D Metal Signs @ LTC Building

We have different metallic feels or colours for selection.

I.Gold, II. Silver III.Bronze

Metal give us a feeling of strength, firm and stability. Using this material for a signs, does boost up the company credibility.

Though not necessary, we can illuminate these 3D signs with track lights or spot lights

How to make the best out of 3D Signage?

The answer is: Layering

Layering is important in design presentation. It introduce depth to the design.

Different materials can complement or contrast each other. Using different material for layering, the end results will be magnificent.

We can apply layering effects to our 3D signage, by combining 2 different nature of materials, such as metal and plastic (Acrylic).

This layering will add values to the overall presentation, forming an exquisite signs.

Normally, the back layer is clear plastic, front layer is metal.

The metal being the front layer will covered the glue marks from view.

Could we have the clear plastic be at the front? Yes, but the ugly glue marks will be visible.

Worry Not, We can do it without the ugly glue marks. That is the glossy clear plastic feel on top of the metal. Find out more about our 3D Layering Signs.

Best Site For Corporate Photo Taking

Where else could be a better place to take a company group photo than a 3D signs feature wall?

Every organisation will like all their staff to have a sense of belonging. We can start with a group photo taking infront of the company 3D signs.

And furthermore, isn’t it great to use this group photo as your social media cover? Not only we can advertise our company, we shown our dedicated staffs to the general public as well.

***We are still waiting for our clients to share with us their company photo. Once we got it, we will share it here. Perhaps you can do us a favour. Contact us now.

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