Entrance Signboard

Setting up signage for your office? We would recommend having an entrance signboard. Being economical, these entrance signboard are the top choice for offices. Having this signboard right beside your office door will allow customers to locate your company much easier than looking for your unit numbers. Don’t you want your visitors to know your company logo? Install a signs right beside your door, let your visitors remember your company logo and not your unit numbers.

I. Acrylic Entrance Signboard

Entrance Signboard
Clear Glass Acrylic Signs @ High Street Centre

Lights travel through this clear Acrylic, casting the logo shadow onto the wall, creating a beautiful depth. Acrylic was chosen as it is lighter and safer than Glass. Glass, on the other hand, is more elegant.

Having a plain background will portray out the logo better. This is the reason why usually a white background is chosen. We can sometimes use black, as it can draw attention to the logo. Choosing a clear or coloured background will depend on the logo design and personal preference.

Office Signboard
Acrylic Signs @ Jalan Jurong Kechil

Spacers are a type of more presentable screw. The spacers got their name as they create spacing between the signs and the wall. Yes, we could install our signboard flat on the wall. However, by creating a space, the signs will be projected out, making them more prominent.

Signage Screw

II. Wood Entrance Signboard

Wood, being a natural material, gives a comforting and peaceful feeling. Every piece of wood will have its own unique grains. Even without any touch on it, the wood grain itself is beautiful. This is what makes wood a natural art material that many artists like.

III. Metal Signboard with UV print

UV printing is printed directly onto the metal plate. The benefit of these UV prints is that the prints won’t peel off as compared with sticker decals.

Call us if you are that urgent to have any of these coming soon products. We are more eager than anyone else to launch them.

Office Signage

Entrance signs, along with 3D signs are the recommended standard package for an office. But not all logos are presented well in 3D. This is where our design team steps in with alternative ideas.

These entrance signboards are the most economical, so they are highly recommended for start-ups. Get them now.

Further reading on signage planning. This will help with your signage selection and make the whole procurement process much easier.

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