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Exclusive Signage

“We love to present signs in different ways, trying out new ideas and materials. We love seeing our exclusive signage stand out among others.”

I. Floating 3D Signs

Floating On Air Exclusive Signage
Floating 3D Signs @ Red House, East Coast Road

We are tasked to do an exclusive signage for this heritage bakery factory. We are not allowed to removed the pervious bakery wordings. These wordings are heritage too.

Our design need to match the building, not the other way round.

The new owner runs a bakery business too. Finally, this floating effect was chosen. We are happy that we manage to fulfil all the prerequisite and delivered our signs.

This float on air is an illusion that prompt visitors to come closer to investigate. With this floating effect, it will cast a wider shadow, making the 3D effect more obvious.

If it was to be installed outdoor, the signs will have different shadow as the sun and clouds moves. Isn’t it amazing? As if the signs are moving throughout the day.

“We had even come out with a Chinese couplet to congrats their opening.”

四面旺红 面包厂 八方食客 涌进来

往事浮显 脑海中 如今更上 一层楼

II. 3D Layers Metal Signs

Exclusive Signage Layers 3D Signs
Layers 3D Signs

Layering is very important in creating visual impression. Having more than one layer enhance the 3D effects. Different Materials can complement or contrast each other. Using different materials for layering, the end results will be magnificent.

Normally, the back layer is clear plastic, front layer is metal.

The metal being the outer layer will covered the glue marks from view.

We can do have the clear feel infront without those ugly glue marks. That is the glossy clear plastic feel on top of the metal, as seem in the picture above.

“Being truly exclusive, 3D layers signs are in fact in the top ranking position of our exclusive signage.

To date, we are the only signage company that offer metal with clear coating.”

III. Translucent Sticker

Translucent Sticker
Translucent Sticker @ Kalidasa Avenue

The bluish colour of water was well presented in this translucent sticker.

Ideal for aqua industry such as swimming pools, aquarium, etc.,

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