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Frosted Sticker

There are many frosted sticker suppliers, but not all of them provide installation. Worry Not, you have come to the right place. We provide installation as well.

Frosted Sticker For Office
Frosted Sticker For Office

Benefits Of Frosted Sticker

Frosted stickers protect privacy and yet not complete blockage of light sources.

Unless it is a must to achieve a high level of confidentiality, it is not necessary to cover the whole glass. We can have some see-through cut-outs.

We can have logos cut-out or shapes cutting as designs. With these cutting, the place will be more lively as compared to a full frosted glass.

It will be quite disturbing for the staff working inside when passersby take a glance as they walk past. To solve this uninvited attention, we could paste these frosted strips at eye level. Usually, no one will bend down to have a glance as they walk away.

Frosted Sticker For A Office
Frosted Cut Out @ Soon Lee Road

Furthermore, these frosted strips can add some design value than just having plain glass. We can also have coloured strips, adding more liveliness to the office. We can apply the company’s corporate colours to these strips so as to achieve a uniform colour match throughout the office.

Simplicity is the best form of presentation. With too much detail, audiences will find it hard to digest the content.

Depending on the circumstances, we do love to have more details. We have way too many ideas other than frosted strips. Find out more from us.

Frosted Glass or Frosted Sticker?

A frosty effect can be achieved by sandblasting or acid etching a piece of glass, but that will be costly.

Having a more complex design means increasing the production cost. Normally, sandblasting or etching is used to manufacture an exquisite vase or where the products can be mass produced to reduce cost.

There is a need to produce a design stencil. This stencil will provide a guide on where to sandblast or where to apply the acid.

This stencil also serves as a protective cover. While the rest of the glass is protected, we can then start blasting or applying the acid. Once completed, we will remove the stencil. The end result is a beautiful frosted glass design.

This is a permanent effect. We can’t reverse the process. So if there is a change of mind for a clear glass, we will have to tear it down and get it replaced.

With frosted stickers, you can remove them anytime and revert back to clear glass.

Another benefit of frosted stickers is that there is no need for a stencil. The plotter will plot the design on the frosted sticker. We can then remove the unwanted parts through the design cut line, forming our final design.

But in fact, the greatest benefit of the frosted sticker is that we can have the frosty effect without causing any major disruption to any other office work.

We could not have done the same with sand blasting. The amount of dust will be a great inconvenience to all.

Colour & Frosted

If you find it dull with just frosty, we can add in more colours.

As shown in pictures below, we too can have a colourful design on frosted.

Company Name On Frosted Sticker
Company Name & Frosted @ Viva Vista
Colour Logo On Frosted Sticker
Company Logo & Frosted @ Orchard Tower

We can design these printed versions for you. If your company logo is already ready, resizing is FOC.

Privacy? Get your frosted now.

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