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Interior Design Products

I. Acrylic Shield / Partition

Table Acrylic Shield
Table Acrylic Shield
Counter Shield
Counter Shield
Acrylic Shield For Table And Counter
Acrylic Shield

We have customised acrylic shield for table tops. Normally, clear acrylic is chosen. But why not make good use of it? We can have design and branding. How about having a name plate on it?

One piece partition or divider for table are available too.

Installation methods:

1. Screw onto table top

We can screwed the brackets to the table top. This method is the most secure. However, if this is a temporary measure, removal of it at a later stage, will reveal unsightly screw holes.

2. Paste onto table top

Our double sided tapes have very strong bonding. If there is a need to remove, we can still removed the partition without damaging the table. Seem the bonding is strong, we might experience some difficulties in clearing off the residue left by these tapes.

3. Clamp onto the top (Recommended)

We strongly recommend using this method. With this clamping-on method, not only the partitions are strongly secure, we can also removed them at ease without damaging the table top. There will be no screw holes or sticky residue left on the table top.

We foreseen a high demand due to coronavirus pandemic. If you enquiry is not answer by us, please be patience.

Note: This shield / partition won’t help counter Covid. But it does provide a extra protection.

II. Solar and Window Film

Solar Film Interior Design
Solar Film @ The Flow

As weather is getting hotter, getting a solar film will reduce the room temperature.

III. 3D Foam Brick Wall & Wood Flooring – Coming soon

Call us if you are that urgent to have any of these coming soon products. We are more eager to launch them than anyone else.

Be it a minor renovation to a major makeover, we welcome your enquiry. Contact us now.

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