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Retail Store Signs

Those days where retail store owners just hang up their signs and start operating their business are in the past.

Today, everyone are talking about design. With a great design, we can uplift a company image and boost up sales.

Nowadays, consumers will make their decision even before entering the shops. So a good shop front will attribute to closing of sales.

Have you even thought of letting your signboard be the iconic of the street or the building? Honestly, that wont be easy. We need 1. Company Branding 2. Logo Design 3. Signboard Design.

There are so many types of signboard. We have generalise them into a few categories.

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I. Standard Aluminium Frame

Before Installation Of Sticker Prints
Before Installation Of Sticker Prints
Signboard For Hawker Centre
Food Stall Signboard For Hawker Centre, Kopitiam and Food Court.

Standard frame signboard are often seen in local neighbour market such as provision shop and food stalls.

Normally for the food stalls, the light box is already constructed as seem in the above picture. In this case, we will just have to print the food stall name.

If the light box is not yet constructed, we can help you construct one too. So regardless, if the light box is ready or not, we can help you get your signboard up.

II. Customised Frame

Double Sided Retail Store Signs
Signboard @ Sunset Way

Customised frame means we can customised the shape, instead of the conventional rectangular signboard.

These frames in general are make of aluminium or stainless steel. We can have unique shape to match the logo.

Retail Store Signs – Single Sided

As seem in first picture, Acrylic signs @ Jalan Jurong Kechil.

They are normally constructed on top of the main door as the main signboard. We can have standard frame, or a customised frame.

Retail Store Signs – Double Sided

As seem in second picture, Signboard @ Sunset Way

Double sided signs are one of the best signs to bring in foot traffic into your store.

They are hang down from the beam or at the side of a pillar. These signs allow views from both walking directions of the walkway.

III. Lighted 3D letters

3D Lighted Letters With Backing
3D Lighted Letters With Backing

The lightings and wiring are conceal in the box. Only the acrylic logo will be lighted up.

IV. Channel Letters

Channel Letters are in fact 3Ds letters or logos with lights within them. These lighted Letters and Logos protrude out of the wall, making them very prominent.

Lighting Effect Option:

I. A) Front Lit Only / B) Full Front Lit (Front +Side Lighted)

Direct light, resulting in a brighter signs 

II. Back Lit

Back Lit Retail Store Signs
Back Lit Channel Letters @ Suntec City

Backlit Signs illuminate through reflection light, producing a much more smoother lightings effect.

These backlit signs can also be installed at reception area of offices and hotels. Welcoming vistors with these magnificent signs, helped the company gain prestige.

Trimless Channel Letters (Front Lit)

Trimless refer to “NO” metal boundary surrounding the face of the letters. There are 2 types of face materials to select from: Acrylic & Epoxy

Most of the Channel letters on the streets are make out of Acrylic.

Epoxy is still consider to be fairly new in local signage industry. It is much more glossy than Acrylic that make it really beautiful even with the light switched off. Of course, there are trade off. Corporate colours are hard to achieve through the mixing of dyes and Epoxy.

Corporate colours can be achieve through sticker printing. But once we overlay the surface with sticker prints, then it defeat the purpose of getting Epoxy Signs. These high glossy effect will be covered. In this case, we will rather use Acrylic, a more commonly found material.

The need of using which types of methods or material depends. This is where our expertise comes in. With our all rounder knowledge, we can help you to decide.

Neons Signs in Channel Letters

Glass or LED Neon can be combined with Channel Letters.

V. Marquee Signs

Marquee Signs is another traditional signs thats uses light bulbs to illuminate the signs.

One of the most common presentation is to surround the whole signboard with bulbs, forming a border. This will bring out the information in the center of the signs. This tactic is called enclosure principles of perception.

This tactic is widely used in cinemas in the olden days. The movie posters are surrounded by light bulbs.

Similar effect can be achieve with other lighting such as LED or Neon. But light blub is unique on its own and with the historical background of cinema advertising, many still love its retro feel.

VI. Lighting Effect Selection

Running / Chasing light, Colour Changing Light. There are many types of lighting effect to enhance a signs.

If there are any signs not in our list or you have any question, please feel free to check with us.

So which signage shall we go for?

Choose one that not only met the company budget but also suit the company logo and image.

Still can’t make up you mind? We are here to help. Sent us your enquiry now.

We will be glad to guide you through the selection of suitable signs. Contact us now.

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