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Sticker Prints

Our customised sticker prints can be pasted onto almost any surfaces such as metal, wood, plastic, glass and concrete.

For instance, we can paste them onto wooden doors, glass windows, wall pillars, beams and even onto the floors.

#Mural Sticker, #Die Cut Decal, #Flooring Sticker

I. Mural Sticker


One of the best ways to increase foot traffic into your shop is through advertising.

Besides stating the promotion, products or services, it is also a great way to share your stories. These stories form part of your company’s image building, which we called them as branding.

Restaurant Advert
Restaurant Advertisement @ Sunset Way

What Makes A Good Sticker Advert?

Firstly, a good advert need to clearly state it’s purpose or intention to the target audiences. Secondly, it need to create impression that will result in the audiences fulfilling the advertiser goals. Most of the time, the intention is getting the client to purchase certain products.

An image tag with a right phase can greatly influence the buyers’ decision of purchasing the product.

Sticker Advertisement
Sticker Advertising Advert @ Sunset Way

Looking at the sticker advert shown above, this restaurant post mouth-watering images of crab & lobster in yellowish gravy (salted eggs). Isn’t it clear what the signature dishes are?

Roasted Suckling Pigs Advertisement @ Sunset Way

Association of ideas are often used in advertising. This will yield great results. Referring to the roasted pig advert above, the flame and the golden-brown skin colour will lead one’s thought of the crispness of the skin. This tactic is widely used in the F&B industry.

Are you also in the F&B? Want to have an advert that increases one’s craving for your dishes? Contact us now. We would be glad to offer our help.

Company Milestones Sticker

Sharing your company’s history, culture, etc., is infact a presentation of your company credential.

MNC World Map
Various Location Around The Globe

For MNC, showing your company’s presence around the world demonstrate your company’s strength, gaining more credibility.

So do share with us your company history now and we can create a milestone feature wall using our sticker prints. Contact us for more information.

Beautifying With Sticker Prints

Besides being used in advertising, stickers can help to beautify the place. Who would like to have the feeling of being trapped in an office? Having these stickers, is like having another window to look outside. Creating a nice workplace will definitely improve productivity.

Wall Sticker
Wall Sticker @ Suntec Tower 2

A scenery photo does wonders. Did the above photo make you feel like travelling to Shanghai? It does really make us feel like travelling there. This will also be a nice advert for a tour agency too.

II. Die Cut Decals

We can use them for company logo, tagline or operating hours and so on…

Die Cut Sticker For A Clinic
Die Cut Stickers @ One Orchard Boulevard

How about sharing certain quotes to boost up morale?

Die Cut Decals
Encouragement Quote @ One Commonwealth

Photos Taking For Social Media

Nowadays, uploading photos to social media is the norm. Constantly being on social media will remind others of the company’s existence and boost your online presence. Having these stickers as a background does add value to your photos.

III. Full Design Coverage

Floor Sticker
Flooring Sticker @ The Flow

More places to paste…

As mentioned earlier, our stickers can be pasted on different surfaces; floor, staircase, pillar, wooden door and even on top of your TV console.

Sticker Covering Whole Door
Sticker Covering The Whole Door
Large Format Sticker For Home Deco
Sticker Above TV console

Especially, the staircase sticker, besides being bringing life to the boring staircase, every step was the clinic mile stones.

We can even transform a boring pillar into a nice divider, dividing the room into two. Since the pillar protrude out, the design protrude out as well, catching more attention.

Milestones Sticker
Staircase Sticker
Sticker warp on Pillar

We will be glad to help set up your brand or store through our Signage Exposure Optimisation Program. Click to find out more.

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