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About Us

Signage Exposure Optimisation (SEO)

How to maximise the exposure of your company? One way is through optimising your signage. We came up with this phase, “Signage Exposure Optimisation (SEO)” and we are currently the only signage company that provide this SEO service.

Signage Exposure Optimise
Signboards Along The Street of Chinatown, Singapore

What Is Signage Exposure Optimisation?

Signage Exposure Optimisation is getting your company’s brand be known to more people. Capture their attention and leaving them with a deeper impression.

Definitely, we need to have a clear and distinct signboard. This is done through 1. Logo design, 2. Signboard design.

In general, a signboard is placed on top of the main door. Not all shops have a prominent shop front. This is where the rest of the signages come in.


Is the locations, design and the way it is presented that counts.

We provide designing service for signboard, advertising and drawing of the corporate milestones timeline, etc.

Get in touch with us and we will be glad to help setting up your brand.

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Our Slogan: ALTI

Activate Logic, Trigger Imagination

Our Values

Our core value in creating design is meeting our clients’ requests. Secondly, the acceptance from the general public. Our design must not only look great but also appeal well to the general public. Having an artistic design that few can appreciate is not what we we are aiming for.

Our Philosophy

Signages are not only meant for displaying of information, they are arts. They are an expression of ways of life. There are so much more to play with, then simply stating the information.

Through graphic and visual effects, we can add in more fun, Activate visitors’ Logic thinking, Tigger their Imagination. We love viewing things from different angles, expressing thoughts in different ways. We love creating expression.

Our Team

Our Team consist of graphic designer, engineer, production crews and installers.

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